Wall Art: Butterfly Project.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update: See my more recent butterfly project here.

On a recent episode of Gossip Girl there was a scene shot in Serena's room that showed this beautiful wall art of butterflies scattered all over.  I immediately fell in love with it and used the trusty internet to find the artist.  The artist is Paul Villinski and you can see him working on Serena's room on this site. I decided to create my own version of Paul Villinski's piece since his is made of beer cans, which is a bit too complex for me to pull off without the proper tools (well, probably not even then).  I've been looking for something to put over my bed for sometime now and couldn't be happier with the results. It's perfect since I didn't have to nail into the wall, it was simple, cheap, and it took only a few hours each day over the weekend.  I'm still searching for the perfect piece for over my couch so any ideas are very welcome!

120 1" butterfly cutouts
Glitter card stock (use the same color as your butterfly cutouts)
Double sided poster tape

1. First, I purchased 120 1" white butterfly cutouts on Etsy from Danikamon.  They have glitter on them but it's a bit difficult to see in my photos.  Ideally I would have liked them to be slightly bigger but it ended up turning out just fine. I used white but you can use whatever color scheme you would like.

 2. I then traced one of the small butterflies on printer paper and scanned it into my computer to blow it up so that I could create my own butterflies of various sizes. I printed three sizes, cut them out, and used them as a template to trace and cutout more butterflies on the card stock.

3. Next, I folded the wings up on each of the butterflies so that I could apply the double sided poster tape to the body of the butterfly.  I cut a tiny piece of tape and put it along the back of the butterfly. The butterfly is now ready to apply to the wall.  I applied them to the wall in batches; in other words, I would put the tape on a few of them at a time, apply them to the wall, and then begin a new set.

4. Place the butterflies on the wall and create some sort of order to it.  I decided to do something similar to Paul Villinski's and went with a sunburst shape so it seems like the butterfly's are "growing." In order to do so, I printed out a circle, cut it out, and taped it to my wall.  I then placed the butterflies around the circle and removed it once I was done.  You can see in my photos exactly how I placed the butterflies. 

5. Continue to place the butterflies on the wall until you are satisfied with result.  As simple as that!

If you have any questions or need help with this project, please feel free to contact me.  


Bruno said...

Omg, that's just amazing. I'm going to make something like that too! Haha, thanks for the inspiration, thanks for posting this! Great blog! ;D


krisandkel said...

Bruno, you are most welcome! You will have to blog what you come up with so I can see! :)

heylila said...

How cute! That is such a good idea, it looks perfect.


Gawgus things... said...

This is just so amazing! I love it! Love your blog too so will definitely have to follow from now on. Thanks for stopping by mine. Bisous..

Lynn said...

just darling! i love to the love this DIY. ♥

IrisME said...

I've been lusting over Serena's wall art for quite some time now, but couldn’t actually figure our HOW to do it. Thanks for the great idea, it looks AMAZING

Maddie said...

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