Dear Santa.

Monday, November 29, 2010

So maybe this Christmas list is longer than I anticipated.  Whoops! Since moving into my own place this list is much more practical than it usually is (or so I'd like to think).  One thing about entering the real world is that I have been buying a lot more needs and a lot less wants so this is an opportunity for me to get a little spoiled.  I'll be honest though, I really do have everything I want (and I don't mean to sound corny): a stable job, great friends, a wonderful family, a loving boyfriend, a roof over my head, and a set of wheels to get from point A to point B.  I like to think of this list as a "hint, hint" to those that want an idea of what I want! 

1. Cakelace Coasters, Unica Home
While I love my coffee table, I am constantly pulling out the Pledge wood cleaner.  This is in part due to the fact that I have no coasters and am having to clean up after all the rings that form from my glasses.  I've been searching for ones that really catch my eye and these are the winner!

2. Nova Throw, ZGallerie
I love this throw from ZGallerie! The nice thing about it is that it's very neutral yet has a modern and simple design.  It would look great in my living room and would sure be nice to cozy up on the couch for those super cold winter's I'll have to endure here in Tampa. I'm kidding--if we're lucky it will reach the low 50s!

3. Modern House Art Peacock Print, Etsy
For the past few months I have kept my eye out for art to put over my couch.  I fell in love with this peacock painting and think a large version would look great in my apartment.  The artist has many great pieces but this one tops my list!

4. Ray-Ban Boyfriend Sunglasses, Nordstrom
I certainly don't need these sunglasses so these are definitely more of a want! I showed these sunglasses in a previous post and think it would be a great alternative to my aviators that I currently use. 

5. Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel, Coach 
I think this Coach purse is absolutely beautiful!  It also comes in grey, purple, and bone; I'm really not sure which color is my favorite.  I'm in love with the textured material and this is certainly a purse I would get a lot of use out of!

6. Madison Gathered Leather Accordion Zip, Coach
The matching wallet would be a great replacement for my current wallet which is a big bulky mess (ok, not the messy part but just go along with me).  I didn't choose this wallet because it goes with the purse but because it is the perfect size and I love the idea of a wrap around zipper.

7. Lecarlos Ankle Boot, Aldo
It's a fact: I need more shoes.  A pair of lace up booties would be a great addition to my wardrobe for the winter.  These Aldo ones would go great with a pair of skinny jeans. For a pair of heels, they do also look pretty comfortable!

8. Food Fashion Friends Coffee Table Book, Anthropologie
I think a great way to spruce up a coffee table is to add coffee table books (what a concept)! I see nice ones I like all the time in stores but can never get myself to buy one.  It's a great gift for someone which is why it's the perfect item for my Christmas list.

9. Nikon Camera Case,
Last Christmas my very generous boyfirend gave me a Nikon D3000 camera.  I constantly am using it and I think its time to start protecting this bad boy before it's too late.  I want one that is not too bulky and easy for me to carry around. 

10. Cuisinart Toaster Oven, Macy's
Currently my oven serves as my giant toaster, which yes, is a bit ridiculous and unncessary.  A toaster oven would be great for someone who lives on their own (like me) to avoid having to use the much too large oven to heat something small up. 

11. Philosophy Inner Grace, Nordstrom
I received this perfume a few years back for Christmas and it was used way too quickly! I absolutely love this scent because it's light and fresh.

12. 2011 Planner, Vera Bradley
With the coming of a new year, a new planner is needed to keep track of all those important dates.  I currently use a Vera Bradley planner and I love everything about it: the size, design, and organization.

13. Nike Women's Running Shoes, Nike
My current sneakers are several years old and have been through blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe not the tears part).  I think it's time to turn them in for a fresh new pair.  Besides, it might give me motivation to hit the gym more often!


DeVero said...

Such a great list for Santa! i sperfect because it has everyting ;)

mjaguilera said...

I adore number three! Etsy is such a fantastic website.

heylila said...

I have the nike running shoes, they are awesome, light and stylish, and comfortable of course!


Gawgus things... said...

So love the peacock print - gorgeous! xx

JMay said...

What a great wish list! LOVE these finds!

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

I need those Aldo boots in my life.

Kate said...

I sure do love the blanket, boots, bag and book. Believe it or not, I found a perfectly unused toaster oven at a thrift store for eight bucks. Mind you, I cleaned it out to be safe, but it was the best eight bucks I ever spent! It sounds like we both need new workout shoes. Mine have to be at least four years old... I just can't convince myself to spent money on shoes that aren't as cute as the rest of my closet! Aggh.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Ooo very nice wishlist! Hope you get everything on it :)

Lynn said...

i love wish-lists and this one rocks girls! i'm so down for those boots with the extra bit of insulation and the throw is pretty groovy too.

i think it's so rad how you work together on your beautiful blog and create such lovely things. AND being twins is just goodness all around! ♥

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

The peacock painting is awesome and the ankle boots are fabulous!!!
Just came across your blog and liked a lot.
Do drop by mine sometime.. :)
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