The Herb Garden Trio.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've always wanted to start an herb garden.  I remember how Aunt Kathy would use fresh herbs from her collection in Charleston, SC and I always loved the idea of having my own to tend to one day.  Now that I'm living on my own, I was able to get the time (and space) to start a mini one on my balcony.  I decided to go with cilantro, basil, and a mini tomato plant.  Cilantro is one of my favorite flavors, especially for a fresh salsa.  Recently I've been cooking a lot with basil and this plant smells absolutely wonderful! The tomato plant is more of a curiosity; I'm interested to see these little suckers grow before my eyes.  I'll have to update you when it actually starts to produce small little tomatoes!



Anonymous said...

I love herbs.

Inna Santiago said...

Herbs - love them! It's very nice to have a basil plant because you would not need to worry to go to the supermarket if you ran out of basil. Also if you have a plant of chili - one of the plants we have in our backyard in my hometown :)

thanks for dropping by!


Death By Shoe said...

Thanks for the comment :) Love your blog! I'm going to be trying some of your recipes :)


Kate said...

Lucky you, your plants are thriving! I tried planting some herbs in pots for my porch this summer. Sadly, my basil didn't survive the Oklahoma heat. Neither did the lavender. On the upside, I just brought in my rosemary and oregano plants for the winter. I hope they'll be happy in my windowsill! Next year I'm going to try again. I l-o-v-e basil and it would be so nice to have fresh basil for pesto and Italian dishes! Let me know if you get any tomatoes from your baby plant!!!

krisandkel said...

Hi Kate! I hope the rosemary and oregano plants work out for you! I'm in the market for new herbs to plant and those sound like they would be fantastic to have at hand! You MUST try again with the basil, it's by far my favorite and most useful one. Not only that, the smell is amazing!

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