Eye Rockers & Sun Blockers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1. Ray-Ban "Original Wayfarer" 2. Ray-Ban RX5201 3. Burberry BE2074 4. Ray-Ban "Caribbean"
5. Ray-Ban "Boyfriend" 6. Tom Ford "Jennifer" 7. Ray-Ban "Cat Eye" 8. Forever 21 Aviators
I hate to admit this but I was that kid who used to say, "I wish I wore glasses."  Luckily for me (or shall I say unluckily) I now utilize them in my everyday computing and reading activities.  Recently, I was in the market for some eyeglasses and couldn't resist going for the "geeky" pair, or rather what I refer to as my "fun" pair.  This of course pulled me over like a magnet to the sunglasses section of the optical store and had me wanting all the newest items.  I've shared some of my favorite eyeglass and sunglass trends with you and while I know I wouldn't be able to pull all of them off (for example, pair numero dos), that doesn't stop me from liking them on my other four-eyed friends.  I tried to include a variety of brands but that didn't go too well.  But hey, let's be honest, Ray-Ban's ARE just that great!

"Rockin" (well, maybe not)
my new D&G eyeglasses


Gawgus things... said...

Love all the geek chic glasses that are around at the mo..

Silvia Kim said...

love your glasses! Very Parisian


Kisses from Paris~

krisandkel said...

Hi Sis! You look cute. But umm, can you bring THAT book home for T-day? Thanks :)



Fashion Cappuccino said...

Really cute glasses! I used to be obssessed with them when I was little and almost damaged my eyes! I love your D & G glasses! xoxoxoxo

Kate said...

I got a pair of Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses two Christmases ago and I'm proud to say I've kept them in good shape! They're classics!

DeVero said...

Funny pictures...you look great in your glasses! Is hard to find glasses that look good...


Ette said...

yes, I was happy to link to you guys, your blog rocks :)

and I wanted braces AND glasses.....



fashion junkie said...

OMG i use to say the same when I was a kid, until I really had to wear them when I was in 5th grade. :( all the way until I got lasik eye surgery in 2004. :) But sometimes I miss wearing glasses. I think they are so fun and cool! These items are fabulous by the way! :)

p.s. stop by my blog and enter my giveaway for a chance to win this fab clutch!


Victoria said...

I definitely remember your glasses phase in high school!

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