Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love getting into the Halloween spirit and I certainly enjoyed making these creepy crawly brownie bite spiders, compliments of Paula Deen and Bakerella. I attended a party last night and thought these would be the perfect treat to bring along with me.  My boyfriend and I made them together and we definitely could have used another set of hands!  Instead of raspberry gumdrops for the eyes, I used mini m&m's.  Also, I used red licorice in place of black licorice.  An additional change I made was using oreo crumbs for the "hair" in place of the black nonpareils. These spider bites were just as yummy as they are cute! I hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween!

Kristen's Tampa Apartment.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My new apartment in Tampa is slowly coming together.  One of the things I was most excited about was the decoration process.  Unfortunately, it is a timely and costly process but nevertheless I am getting it done.  Having just moved here it gives me the opportunity to keep busy as I work on different projects.  Here is a look at what I have put together so far.  Keep in mind that I have a few things up my sleeve that I can't wait to put together and will definitely post once it's completed.

I purchased the bedding from Macy's and it is part of the Martha Stewart Collection.  I was torn between getting this or a duvet (which I previously had and absolutely love) but ended up with this option because I absolutely love the striped gray euro shams! Kelly bought me the Anthropologie salt and pepper shakers a few months ago.  I think they look great in my kitchen as they are quite unique. The two frames were purchased from Home Goods. You can always find great pieces at Home Goods and I always find myself browsing around to see what they have. I also included a photo of my coffee table set up.  I eventually want to replace the magazines with some great coffee table book so I'm keeping my eye out!

New Beginnings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

These are the rings we each got for our graduation from our parents. They are David Yurman with a citrine stone to match both the Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt gold. We absolutely adore them (thanks Mom and Dad)! To celebrate the big milestone in our life, our parents hosted a graduation party with family and friends.  It was a wonderful time with lots of good laughs, conversation, and food (tons of it)! We don't get many opportunities to be together so it was nice to have a few weeks together over the summer. 

Now, we have to look forward to our visits to Tampa and New York.  For Kristen, it will be a nice break from the Florida weather to experience the big city and actual seasons.  For Kelly, it will be a break from the city life to enjoy the beaches and sun.

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