New Beginnings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

These are the rings we each got for our graduation from our parents. They are David Yurman with a citrine stone to match both the Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt gold. We absolutely adore them (thanks Mom and Dad)! To celebrate the big milestone in our life, our parents hosted a graduation party with family and friends.  It was a wonderful time with lots of good laughs, conversation, and food (tons of it)! We don't get many opportunities to be together so it was nice to have a few weeks together over the summer. 

Now, we have to look forward to our visits to Tampa and New York.  For Kristen, it will be a nice break from the Florida weather to experience the big city and actual seasons.  For Kelly, it will be a break from the city life to enjoy the beaches and sun.


Anonymous said...

This looks very nice! I'll make sure to follow you. Love you both. Your biggest admirer!

krisandkel said...

I'm going to take one guess: thanks DAD! <3

Dana @MyCherryPie said...

I wanted to see how you two cutiepies started and then I come across your dad's comment and it totally made me smile! I love your blog ladies!

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