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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All items via Zara

Call this online window shopping. Yep, after my trip to visit Kristen a few weeks ago I made a pact with myself to give up shopping (limited to clothing and accessories) for the month of May. I found myself becoming way too in love with all the new spring fashions, and errr buying them too, that I had to slap my own wrists and say "No more Kelly!" As I was reading my dose of The Glamourai, I couldn't help but notice her Zara kimono top which then led me to all the wonderfullness [see above] I was missing out on. :::sigh::: Oh, how I wish my wallet and closet were both limitless.

And, no, I have not bought anything during the month of May. Yes, I can't wait for June 1st as I will proceed with caution, hehe!


Dana @TheSundaySweet said...

Way to goooo! It's so incredibly hard not to by anything once you've told yourself no. Proud of you. Wish I had such will power. Hmm, maybe I'll do that for June. xox

Claudia Moser said...

I know how you feel! We can't just keep on buying, or maybe we can? :)

Carla McCarthy said...

Understand you perfect! Everyday we go out looking for something to carry on!I've always come home with my hands full of vintage, or food or shoes or decoration! never ends!

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Lynn {hearted girl} said...

gimme all of that! one of my gf's calls me gg for just that reason. her take on the acronym is "greedy guts" - and i just go with it now b/c hey, a girl can look and swoon right?! these are killer, makes me want to dash on over to the nearest Zara immediately. love the striped top and blue trousers. RAD!

i haven't shopped yet in May either, you're not alone girl. shall we clutch each other tightly and scream loudly to the more-money-please gods? xo ♥

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

love zara current line - all those slouchy t-shirts and summery colors! i'm impressed by your non-spending goal! i wish i had the willpower for one of those!

Cookie and Kate said...

Those electric blue jeans are killer! I wish we had a Zara so I could go pick up a pair. I used to visit Zara about once a week in Bordeaux.

Good luck with your spending freeze. I'm on one myself, out of sheer necessity. I'm not making enough money working at home to spare any on clothes, although those pants would certainly be tempting! I'm just trying to remind myself what I have, rather than think about what I don't have. Seems to help!

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

Well done for not buying anything in May! :) I love zara too and wish too that money was no object :)

Love, Vanilla


Miyan said...

i am loving everything zara right now too! you have some strong will power to not shop for a month :))



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