Mile High Style.

Monday, January 31, 2011

1.  Liquid Rhombus Scarf, Anthropologie 2.  Leopard Scarf, Diane Von Furstenberg
3.  Le Pilage Travel Bag, Longchamp 4.  Jil Sander Leggings, The Outnet
5. Fisherman Sweater, Asos 6. Training Shoe, Nike 7. Earphones, Apple
8. Haviland Boot, Steve Madden 9. Magazine, InStyle

These days I feel like an airplane is my second home as I'm out-of-town many weekends each month.  Pack. Unpack.  Cycle of my life.  Being comfortable on a plane is a top-priority of mine when traveling.  I carry a big bag, wear a plushy sweater paired with a scarf, and usually resort to black cotton leggings.  I also like to be kind to my feet as the airport usually consists of lots and lots of walking.  Depending on the weather this means kicking back in a pair of boots or sneakers.  Finally, to make the ride more pleasant I bring a good magazine or book and some headphones. Although, to be quite honest I usually just try and catch up on some ZZzzzz's.


Gawgus things... said...

Such a cool post! Love your picks here. I wish I took a plane more as hopefully then I'd be seeing my family more :( xxx

Taylor said...

Thanks so much for the comment the other day:) love your blog. So cute and personable. And I too dress very strategically when flying! Cozy and cute and warm (those planes are always freezing!).

Lynzy said...

I love that Longchamp bag, so adorable!

the late afternoon said...

I definitely agree that comfort is a must when traveling! I tend to lean towards a comfy sweater and leggings too - the striped asos sweater would be perfect!


Lauren said...

I couldn't agree more on your choices! I live in my leggings when traveling home, with the slouchy-oversized sweater, leg warmers, and boots. And catching Zzzz's is always nice, makes it feel like it goes by faster lol.

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Running On Happiness said...

Love you pics! I especially love #5. I want that outfit!! Your travel style sounds perfect! Happy and safe travels to you Miss Kristen!

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Running on Happiness

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for commenting the other day! I've looked through your blog and im falling in love:) its very practical advice and down to earth

Anonymous said...

love the outfit

mjaguilera said...

I love the idea of being stylish while traveling yet still comfortable. All these items are perfect for that!

Anonymous said...

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