If I Were a Grecco Princess...

Monday, January 17, 2011

... I'd live in this Cinema Gown. Oh, and this little number because we all need some good ol' sweet lingerie! They are both absolutely gorgeous pieces as is the designer Alexandra Grecco herself. I recently came across Alexandra and her blog and couldn't help but get a sudden rush of envy. She basically lives the fabulous life and recently came back from Mexico in what seemed to be the trip of a lifetime (and her beau is quite pleasant on the eyes, if I may say so myself!). This video is from her Fall 2010 collection and I thought is was the perfect combination of cute, quirky, and fun. You can also see the video from her Spring 2011 line here. Hope you enjoy her collection and blog as much as I do (you may find yourself getting green with envy)!


heylila said...

these shorts are gorgeous!!!



Gawgus things... said...

Oh wow, these items are gorgeous. I kinda wish I hadn't seen them though as I'll never be able to have them in my life and that makes me sad
:( ! xxx

Elle Sees said...

le sigh...totally in love.

Lynzy said...

Stunning, heading over now ;)
xo Lynzy

Lynn said...

so cute! i love the frolicking around. she totally reminds me of Milla Jovovich, it's happiness in the sweetest, girlified way. ♥

christie said...

i loved loved loved watching that! such beautiful things :)


alexandra grecco said...


thank you, lovely.


Katie said...

I love that video! So inspiring and fun. It makes me want to dance around in lingerie. Just came across your blog. Very cute! Following.

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