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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last week clumsy me broke my iPhone 3GS and I. WAS. DEVASTATED. Bad news, right? Wrong. Turns out my misfortune was quickly transformed into great news! I convinced myself into purchasing the 4G which I was hesitant about because I figured it was pretty much the same thing. Wrong again. It's A-MAZING! The quality of the screen is so much better. And the pictures. Ohhhh, the pictures! Alex showed me this new app called the "Hipstamatic" and it was love at first site. It turns boring pictures into lively pictures at the snap of a button! I pretty much feel like I have a brand new camera for the low, low price of $1.99. We were taking pictures all over the city this past weekend and had such a blast, to say the least. Here are a few of my fave "Hipstahhhhhhmaaaaaatics!" as the random guy from Grey Dog said.

P.S. Grey Dog is an amazing sandwich shop that you should definitely check out if you're ever in the city!


Poetry Is Life said...

oh wow i need that fone!!!!

heylila said...

that app looks amazing! immediately will get that!



Hayley said...

grey dog cafe in the village!? when i spent a week in new york that was my faaaavorite place! we had stayed in an apartment on bedford st and we went there like 5 times!!! <3! eee. nyc makes my heart happy I would love to go back!

christie said...

I bought an iphone at the beggining of this year and i so so so want the 4G one now! I still have one year on my contract so Im just gonna have to wait I guess. Enojoy your new phone - that app looks fab!

kirstyb said...

oh yes totally amazing - i need a new one x

Elle Sees said...

oh i love my Droid but y'all have all the cool apps!

Sick by Trend said...

ohh!! love polaroids!! :) cool blog! im a new follower!!

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Shirley said...

wow i have no idea that the 4G iphone have that kind of feature...I have to tell my sister about it, she just buy a new one too!
thank you for sharing this information!


Viv said...

that's awesome, love the photos!


sbot said...

$1.99? How? Im so confused?



krisandkel said...

It's an application you purchase with an iPhone. Since this post we've discovered another camera app called "Instagram" that is free! Hope this helps

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